How to Keep Your Home Cool without Touching the Thermostat

Though summer is technically coming to a close, many people are in for months and months of heat, before things finally cool off. But how do you keep your house cool if you’re tired of seeing a spike in your energy bill each month? You can keep the air conditioner turned off and still have a cool, comfortable home with these five tips!

1. Block the sun. Windows can turn your home into an oven. They let the sun’s rays in and then trap the hot air. If the sun’s rays never get into your home, however, you have a much better chance of keeping your rooms cool. Get some window shutters or thick, dark curtains. Keep them closed during the day and you’ll find your home heats up far less.

2. Switch up your ceiling fans. In the winter, you want your fans to rotate clockwise. This helps to distribute warm air that has collected near the ceiling (because hot air rises). In the summer, you want them to rotate counter-clockwise, to draw hot air upwards and leave cool, fresh air in your room.

3. Invest in stand-fans. These fans use far less power than an air conditioner and they help to move stale, hot air out of a room, making it far more comfortable to sit in on a hot day. There are even fans that don’t have blades at all and which are designed to cool large spaces, completely silently.

4. Toss the incandescent light bulbs. If you’ve ever tried to change an incandescent light bulb while it was on, you know that they give of significant heat. You could solve this problem by simply not using any lights during the day, but you can also simply switch out your incandescent and fluorescent lights for LED alternatives. They’ll last longer and they give off very little heat.

5. Get rid of hot air. Some days, you just can’t avoid turning on the oven or taking a hot shower. That warm air is going to build up in your home if you don’t ventilate it. An attic fan is a great way to suck away hot air while pulling cool air in through open windows. When cooking or showering, turn on overhead ventilation fans.

For more house-cooling tips and tricks, visit our website Kirkland & Shaw today!

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