Ways to Save Energy

Saving energy isn’t just good for the planet, it’s also good for your bank account. Using less power means lower energy bills, which means more money in your pocket. One simple task can save you hundreds throughout the year and years to come. What the task? Just replace your old appliances with new models designed to save energy (and water). This is a long-term investment in lower energy bills and a better, greener planet.

How to Find Energy-Saving Appliances

Finding energy-saving appliances is as easy as looking for the Energy Star seal. These products have been tested and have been found to use less energy and their production produces less pollution. While you might think that this means that the appliances are less efficient, an Energy Star rating means that the appliances are top-quality, and work just as well as appliances that did not rate this award.


Dishwashers made before 1994 are notorious energy-sucks. If you are still using one, chances are you are paying through the nose for utilities to keep that dishwasher going. Updating to a more recent model can save you upwards of $50, just in utilities. On top of the power savings, they also use less water, for even more savings on your bills.


Old refrigerators are just as bad as old dishwashers. Because they are using power all of the time, if your fridge is not energy efficient, you are losing about $200 a year just in electricity bills. Old refrigerators and side-by-sides suck away energy. Replace these models with an Energy Star appliance to put that $200 back in your pocket.


New washing machines are almost always designed to give you a superior clean, while using less water. They are designed to be “intelligent,” weighing the size of the load and determining how much water to use on their own. If you are still using an old washing machine, you’re probable losing another $200 paying for the extra power and water that new models do not use.

Water Heaters

Instead of using the traditional water heater, opt for a solar water heater, which not only reduces pollution and power usage, but also far outlast traditional water heaters and heat your water just as well.

For more energy-saving tricks, contact Kirkland & Shaw today!

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