Buying a New Home? Schedule Your Plumbing Inspection Today!  

Many people will overlook a plumbing inspection, simply because the plumbing of a house is out of sight, and therefore, out of mind. However, a problem with a house’s plumbing, even a small one, can completely undermine what would otherwise be a beautiful and functional new home. Instead of jumping into a purchase blindly, homebuyers should schedule a plumbing inspection, in order to make sure that the home’s water and disposal system is up to snuff. Don’t wait until you’ve bought the house to call a plumber. Before the sale closes, invest in an inspection.

How are plumbing inspections done?

While it may be possible to see some of the house’s pipes in the basement or on the exterior of the home, most of the plumbing will be inside the walls. This can make it difficult to see what exactly is going on in the pipes. With today’s technology, however, it is possible to use a camera, attached to a snake, to investigate the pipes.

A tiny camera is attached to the snake, which is then inserted into drain, and pushed along the pipes by the inspector, so that he can see the interiors of the pipes, identify any problem areas, as well as see cracks, corrosion, or blockages that may be developing. This will give the home buyer a better idea of the state of the house and what kinds of repairs need to be made.

Why should I have a plumbing inspection?

Some people will rely on the home inspector to identify any problems with the pipes, but in reality, most inspectors are just looking for obvious signs of damage to the pipes, while a plumbing inspector will look for the damage itself. They can also find blockages and determine what exactly is causing the blockage, so that it can be removed efficiently. Plumbing inspections are far more effective and useful than the inspection done by a house inspector, who does not have the time or expertise to really investigate the plumbing.

For more information about plumbing inspections, or to schedule yours, contact Kirkland & Shaw Plumbing and Heating today!

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