Kirkland & Shaw Is Ready to Tackle Any Sink or Faucet Repair

When it comes to sink repairs and replacements, there is no one better than Kirkland & Shaw. Our team of experienced plumbers has the knowledge and tools necessary to make any sink-related issue disappear. Whether you just need a leak fixed or the faucet or sink completely replaced, we can do it.


Faucets are not made to last more than a decade. Because they are made of metal, there will be rusting and corrosion, no matter how clean you keep the sink or how hard or soft your water is. Eventually, the faucet will begin to leak, as the seals begin to wear away from regular use. Sometimes, this is a simple fix, which only requires a few parts to be replaced, but sometimes, it requires a massive overhaul of the entire system.

In some circumstances, leaking from the faucet may indicate a more serious problem, one that necessitates a skilled hand. While some people are capable of repairing their own faucets, this should only be done when you are sure you know what you are doing. It is important not to make the problem worse, or to create an additional problem down the line.

If you have a spraying or significantly broken faucet, be sure to switch off your water supply and give us a call, so that we can make the necessary repairs and your house will not get soaked while you are waiting.


Unless your house was very recently built, chances are that you do not have the most up-to-date, efficient faucets on the market. These new kinds of faucets can help your home be more environmentally friendly, and with a number of different styles and materials, to compliment any room in your house. If you do not want to install one of these new faucets yourself, you can give us a call and we will replace your current faucet with a more efficient one.

All you have to do is pick the model you want, and we can take out the old model and install the new one. A new faucet can help you save money, as this replacement can help to eliminate leaks, both from the faucet itself and from the underlying plumbing.

For more information about sink and faucet repair and installation, call Kirkland & Shaw today.

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