Tired of Waiting for Hot Water to Kick in?

If you have to let your bath run for five minutes before the water finally becomes warm enough for a shower, you are waiting too long for your hot water. Not only are you wasting time, you are wasting money, letting water run and run until it gets hot. This may be caused by a number of problems, not the least of which being an inefficient water heater or water delivery system. Both of these problems can be solved by installing a new water heater with a hot water loop.

Traditional water heaters take so long to deliver hot water to your faucets because they do not start heating water until you turn the tap to hot. This means that it can take anywhere from one minute to ten for hot water to actually kick in, as it sends cold, and then lukewarm, and then finally hot water. Instead of waiting and waiting for the water to come, you can install a heater that is constantly heating the water, so that hot water is almost instantaneous.

With a hot water loop, you immediately trigger the heater to heat and send new hot water, not lukewarm water that it has been storing. This also eliminates the possibility that you might run out of hot water, which is a common problem for large families who all shower around the same time.

What are the benefits of installing this kind of water heater? First, you save water. Because you do not have to run the water as long in order for it to become hot, no water is wasted. This also means that you spend less time standing outside of your bath, waiting for the water to warm up. And because unused water is just circulated back into the system, you actually end up with a lower water and heating bill at the end of the month.

For more information about how to improve your hot water system and make the most of your water heater, contact us at Kirkland and Shaw today!

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