5 Reasons why you should upgrade your Water Heater

The average household spends between $400-$700 a year heating water, which is only behind heating and cooling the house. Although this isn’t an astronomical cost, if your water tank is old and worn out, you are definitely wasting money and energy. Old water tanks bleed energy and are very inefficient at heating water up. They generally use a huge amount of energy just to keep the tank warm, meaning the majority of power isn’t even going toward heating the water. There are a variety of newer tanks on the market, and you can be assured that all of them will be a welcomed upgrade. Besides being much more energy efficient, they also save you money in the long run due to less energy used and potential government rebates. Even if you have a line of family members just itching to get into a warm shower, many of these new tanks can supply easily enough hot water to please everyone’s needs. There are a variety of tank options on the market today, and each one possesses a benefit that you should consider. The most common tanks for sale today are Heating pumps, Solar Water Heaters, Wetbacks, Cylindrical Gas heater and Electric Cylinder heater. Regardless of what model you choose, it is time for the 1980’s water heater you own to take a ride, and if you are not yet convinced, here are 5 more reasons why you should upgrade your hot water heater.

1. Efficiency

One of the biggest reasons to give your old water heater the boot is for increased efficiency that new heaters possess. Greater efficiency is not only a plus for the environment, but for your wallet as well. The cost of a new water heater can easily be recouped in its lifetime, and the government may even subsidize your expenditure depending where you live. 

2. Lower bills

This ties in nicely with the first point, but should be mentioned as its own great benefit.  Water heaters are vast consumers of electric current and is the third biggest expenditure found of the average household’s utility bill. Anything that can be done to reduce the monthly cost of your bills should be a welcomed investment.

3. Environmental cost

Another reason why you should consider purchasing a new water heater is to reduce your impact on the environment. The water heater by itself doesn’t make a huge difference, but getting in the mindset of purchasing efficient products is needed if an environmental change is going to take place. Every product you buy that is more efficient makes a difference, and telling your friends about the new heater you got may convince them to hop on the boat. 

4. Larger tank

It may come as a shock, but purchasing a new tank may provide more hot water than you have ever had before. A new tank means new technology, and the advancements that water heaters have gone through in the last decade are immense. Depending on the tank you buy, you can even get heaters that are tank-less, meaning you only use the hot water you need, or solar powered, which hugely cuts down on wasted hot water. 

5. Your old Tank is Ancient

This is the most simplistic reason on the list: your old tank is about to fail. If your current tank is pushing 15 years, the life it has left is surely limited. The day is going to come where it is going to fail and you are going to be without hot water, so do yourself a favor and upgrade the tank before that travesty occurs.


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