Plumbing Emergencies

You are busy washing dishes when suddenly the water in the sink ceases to drain. It is not time to look around for another sink or to stop cleaning your utensils. In most cases, if you are faced with a plumbing emergency, the main cause could probably be a clogged plumbing system. Even though this is an emergency plumbing issue, you don’t have to sit down and wait for the plumber to knock on your door. Hike up your socks and get ready to DIY. As a homeowner, you should have but a basic understanding of the plumbing system to be effective when a problem does arise.

Most plumbing emergencies aren’t a huge cause for concern. In the case of the sink that does not seem to let water drain, you need to take some simple steps to produce a change. The main reason for this plumbing problem is a clogged drainage system. It implies that there is an accumulation of debris within the pipes, which needs to be cleared to allow smooth flow of the kitchen waste. You should know that the debris could be a result of physical material, such as food leftovers or tiny papers that accidently escaped through the small holes. If you can access the drainage system, just use a stick that has a hook on its end to dislodge the waste. This should be all that is needed to get the water flowing freely again. If the blockage can’t be cleared that way, the end is near. This is why plungers were invented and is the reason all homeowners should have one at their disposal. The plunger uses pressure to ease the flow of water through the blockage and is effective the majority of the time.

When matters get really messy, like a clogged toilet with water brushing up closer to edge second by second, you better know where your valves are. Not only are fast reflexes a necessity, but you must also know where to put those fast actions to use. Turn off the water valve as fast as possible to stop that disaster from becoming plastered on the floor. The valve will likely be a small dial located on the piping at the rear of the toilet. If this is not producing the results you are after, impending doom is likely. As a last ditch effort, check beneath the lid of the toilet tank. See if anything is blocked or is not allowing water to flush out. This will resolve most problems in the majority in the cases, and if it doesn’t, you are probably out of time. Better call a plumber!

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